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Development Life Skills

Development Life Skills

Learning is a lifelong process. As exciting as it is, learning new skills can be overwhelming without the right resources and supports available. MCS provides a range of supports suited to your life skills, goals and needs. So, you can achieve your goals with confidence. 

Supports include but not limited to:

  • Goal setting
  • Organization skills
  • Time management 
  • Communication including verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Assistance with school work including literacy
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Learning how to safely use public transport 
  • Support to participate in local activities
  • Household management e.g. applying for rental properties
  • Organizing and attending appointments

Our Vision

To provide services that meet the needs of each individual through effective collaboration and respectful partnership. Good service is integral to how we bring our vision to life. Therefore we deliver in ways which continually recognises and respects the innate dignity and worth of all the people we support.

Our Mission

The Mission of Micare Choice Services is to provide care services based on the needs of the individual person through encouragement, empowerment, empathy and partnerships with clients, their families, carers and other service providers.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


Our Values

The Perfect Solution For Your Care



Each and every one of us is entitled to be treated with dignity, regardless of age, sexual orientation, ability, status or background. 



We understand the importance of keeping connections with our family, wider community and organisations to our overall wellbeing.  



We believe that we achieve our goals better when everyone actively participates. MCS will be relevant, transparent, responsive and accessible to you and your support team.  



we will encourage fresh thinking, strive for continuous improvement in our services and use evidence to support ongoing improvements for services delivered to you.  


Quality and Professionalism

We are committed to providing you high standards of services and governance guided by MCS policies and procedures.